Readable Reddit submissions.

autotldr is a Reddit bot that automatically summarizes long submissions. It removes extra examples, transition phrases, and unimportant details.


  • Why is useful?

    tl;dr’s are frequently asked for yet sparsely available for long articles on external submissions. To increase the attention of sophisticated and scientific posts, gives a gist of the article to users who would have otherwise ignored the article. ensures important, yet lengthy articles become more relevant and accessible to a larger portion of the Reddit userbase. It also allows Redditors who can’t access the original submission to still understand the context. This is particularly good for sites that go down after a submission or if the content is removed.

  • When will make a post?

    will only post if the content can be reduced by at least 70%. So if the summary is only 50% shorter than the original, will not post it. The tl;dr must also be between 450-700 characters. does not summarize self posts, as the responsibility of providing that tl;dr should be of the original poster.

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